Clashes in Peru

The issues in Peru are a actual problem and perhaps they are not being handled very well. Within the last decade Peru has suffered out of some of their worst conflicts with neighbors in Latin America and border countries just like Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador and the Peruvian federal government itself. Generally the Un did not make an effort to mediate these kinds of conflicts or perhaps solve all of them, but rather had taken a unaggressive role by merely monitoring the situation. This is not an appropriate approach for a location that is in turmoil and in need of regional solutions to conflicts.

For starters, it is important to realize the basis causes of the conflicts in Peru. In many cases a straightforward case of mistaken recognition by the Peruvian military considering the local citizenry as the enemy brought on large-scale disputes that resulted in the fatalities of innocent civilians and damage to important infrastructure. Different cases have been completely caused by criminal activity, such as disappearances, forced disappearances and person right violations. Thirdly, too little of effective local cooperation seems to have resulted in various conflicts, that have become bigger, more difficult and longer term than they would had been if they had been handled effectively at the beginning. Finally, corruption inside the Peruvian security forces, the inefficient distribution of assets, and impunity over the smudged war against drugs which was ravaging the state for the last 20 years, among additional issues, currently have contributed to the expansion of clashes in Peru.

These problems are not likely to travel, as the residents of this region continue to be deeply attached with their history and customs and have a deep desire to maintain a great, united and democratic Peru. Unfortunately, there is simply not enough political will for Latin American countries and other international organizations to effect change in Peru. Unless the regional work at change and dialogue are really powerful, conflicts in Peru can continue to increase, to the detriment of the persons and the region. The time has now come with respect to Latin American countries, including Peru, to wake up and see what is actually happening.


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